Ben Joossen °11-02-1984
Currently living and working near Antwerp, Belgium


Master in Product Development, Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen

Summer Internship at Maximal Design, Antwerp
Luggage Design, Interior Design, 3D Modeling

2 years at Netoptic SA, Tubize
Design and Production Manager for bruno Pieters Eyewear
Design and Production Manager for Akarti Eyewear
Designer for Delvaux Eyewear

1 year at Theo, Antwerp
Designer for Theo Eyewear and Marketing Related Projects
Designer for Trade Fair Booths

Freelance Product Designer, Antwerp
Design Analysis, Concept Design, Detailed Design
Focusing on Sustainable Design

 1 year Product Design Engineer at Reynaers Aluminium, Duffel
Product Design, 2D and 3D CAD, Quality Control

Trainee Development Expert at Reynaers Aluminium, Duffel (current since 10/2012)
Project management and development of Hi-Finity Sliding Systems (HFP 147/179)
Responsible Development Sliding Systems


Project management
Quick communicative sketching / 3D CAD
Analyzing company structure/methods
Focused idea generation
Visual styling
Knowledge of materials and manufacturing
Follow-up production and quality
Communicating with subcontractors/clients
Cooperating with a team and recognizing talent

CAD Design
SolidWorks (very good)
Rhino (good)
Inventor (good)
AutoCAD (good)
Illustrator (very good)
InDesign (good)
Photoshop (basic)

Dutch (native)
English (very good)
French (very good)